Train With Coach K

Hey girl!! Are you ready to become an official BodiedbyK Baddie by taking the next step in your fitness journey & training with coach K? From weekly classes to personal/virtual training services we have got all of you ladies covered! All of your goals will be accomplished with the help of our certified coach, Kryssen Calloway who takes the time to really focus and dive deep into your personal goals while also creating a comfortable & fun environment for every lady that trains with her!

-Personal Training Services: 

Get ready for some sweaty & fun sessions with coach K as you start your self love & transformation journey. Personal training is an exclusive one on one or small group training (2-3) session where the clients will work personally with coach K to build the body their bodies & confidence with one of the best fitness coaches around! No matter your goals, you are guaranteed to love the process, the results and the opportunity to work with coach K! Interested in learning more and ready to get started on your transformation journey? Contact us by completing the form below for more information & availability for training services! 

*Personal training pricing below:
  • 2 days/ week for a month $125
  • 3 days/week for a month $160
  • 4 days/week for a month $180
  • 5 days/week for a month $225

-Virtual Training Services:

Out of state? Girl we have got you covered too! Virtual training is perfect for the lady that is ready to go hard with her fitness goals & ready to be dedicated to the process with the help of coach K virtually 2 days every week. This is your time to focus on you and build the highest love and confidence for yourself that no one can ever take from you. Even virtually, you can & WILL reach your goals as long as you are dedicated and ready for the change mentally and physically. It's all up to you!! 

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Cost: $125/month

-Online Coaching Services: 

We understand that many ladies are familiar with fitness training but just need the extra push to get going towards their goals & we have got you covered. Online training is perfect for the lady that just needs a guide to follow without the assistance of a virtual trainer. This training includes 24/7 coaching support, 30 day training guide based on personal goals & nutrition coaching. No matter your goals, we have got you covered! If you want it, go after it!!! 
Interested in online training? Fill out the form below! 
Cost: $75/month