About Us!

Hey baddies!! Allow me to introduce myself! My name is Kryssen Calloway and I am the CEO/founder of BodiedbyK. I created this brand to help other women become the best versions of themselves & to truly fall in love with and embrace who God created us to be. BodiedbyK isn't just about looking good on the outside but also feeling good on the inside! When you love yourself, no one else can love you any less and you will know the true worth in being who you were created to be. 

Society has created its own standards of what a "baddie"/beautiful woman is with social media full of beautiful women that have the "perfect body" so many women feel that the only way to look beautiful is to look a certain way. My goal is to show women how to be their own body goals and how to embrace the journey of becoming the best version of themselves! When I created this brand, I was going through depression and lost over 25 lbs from stressing but I always loved working out as a stress relief. Figuring out how to build curves on my body with different styles of training like weight, resistance & HIIT training is what made me truly fall in love with the process of becoming my own body goals. I want every lady to love who they are and learn how to embrace every single part of their body. Flaws and all, you are still body goals!

I am so thankful to get a chance to provide amazing services and gear to you ladies & I know that you will love everything that is offered now and in the future! I can't wait to connect with all of you baddies!